On Sat, 22 Dec 2001, Julian Elischer wrote:

> I would suggest that we use a 'modified' subscription method,
> where simply being mentionned in the list is enough to subscribe..
> Now, before you laugh.. there's a twist..
> any address found in the archives is automatically subscribed
> and that includes in the text.. also any mail not subscribed it treated
> as if it were a moderated list. i.e. sent for OK to someone.
> once that peson OKs it the person can send mail. I'd suggest that there be
> the mail will subscribe the sender.


I think your idea and mine were pretty close. I believe the goals are:

a) not to slow down -current or -hackers by moderation (=> use many
   moderators as you noted)
b) distribute power of moderation (*)
c) use technology as much as possible for automation of
   subscription (thats why I suggested public keys and signatures, since
   they are a safe indicator that somebody is not imposting as someone else
   via mail headers) and finally
d) keep it as simple as possible

I believe your idea would work out great and it would not force people to
use gpg/pgp (cf point d). On the other hand signatures seem to be the only
way to make sure a certain mail is in fact coming from a subscribed
Given the current load on -current a process checking each incoming mail
for 1) having a sig 2) having a valid sig 3) checking if a certain pub key
of a certain subscriber maches the sig - should not be such a problem.

I would like to hear how others feel about that.

(*) I could imagine something like: there are n moderators and when the
mail arrives m (m << n) random moderators are forwarded the new mail.
It is sufficient if one of the m moderators accepts the message as not
being spam.
So if a submitter feels left out by some moderator chances
are higher his/her message will be accepted the next time by a different
moderator - as long as it is not spam :)

If the -current subscribers would want such a scheme I would be happy
to help in any way needed. Let me know.

Aaron Kaplan.

COSHER = Completely Open Source, Headers, Engineering, and Research

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