Not sure whether this better belongs to -current or -questions...
The situation is like this: I run a recent current (cvsup'ed on Fri Dec 21)
with drm (0.9.4).  X 4.1.0_10 has been compiled locally with Matrox drivers
from Matrox site (1.4.3, to match X4.1.x).  This has also been done around      
the same time as the last cvsup.
Hardware-wise the machine is a dual Celleron-500 A-Bit BP-6 with 256Mb RAM.
Hard drives are IBM DTLA-307020 and Western Digital AC14200R.  IBM is not
used in DMA mode (never works -- kernel resets a device a few times
after read failures then freezes), but in PIO.  Graphics is Matrox MGA450 with

The problem is that now, at somewhat sporadic intervals, the machine behaves
like a drunken monkey -- in X cursor would suddenly perform with a 'delayed'
effect -- slowly following a trajectory it was supposed to draw in no time,
windows refresh (especially window decorations) with a noticable delay.

This never happened before, and I am somewhat at a loss trying to pin point
the cause of it.  vmstat(8) has not shown anything particularly interesting,
top(1) does not help either...

Therfore this mail -- has anybody seen similar behavior?  I would suspect the
hard drive (IBM), but swap is barely used and there's next to no  hard drive
activity in many cases when I saw this...  I've also heard that Matrox is
not behaving too well under FreeBSD -- but there were no problems before.

Thanks for comments/suggestions & please reply to my email address, as I am 
not on -questions.

-- Andrei

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