On Mon, Dec 24, 2001 at 12:03:34AM -0700, M. Warner Losh wrote:
> > Warner, could you please add "__stdoutp" to the 20010919 entry, and
> > a hint to put COMPAT4X=true to /etc/make.conf to the 20010924 entry?
> Actually, you only need the first one.  You don't need COMPAT4X=true
> all the time, so I'm a little reluctant to include that.  Lemme know
> how I can improve what I just committed.
Not quite true.  COMPAT4X libraries are occasionally get updated,
and if you have 4.x applications to continue running, you'd better
to be safe than sorry, and add COMPAT4X=true to /etc/make.conf, so
that installworld installs them on every run.  The instructions in
20010924 are for manually installing these libraries, and only work
for the i386 arch.  I'd suggest that we put something like this:

: 20010924:
:       The buildworld has been fixed.  You may need to install
:       the 4.x compatibility libraries for some old binaries
:       to work.  Add COMPAT4X=true to your /etc/make.conf to
:       get them installed on every installworld, or execute the
:       following to get them installed only once:
:               cd src/lib/compat/compat4x.<arch>
:               make all install
:       You will see ``__stdoutp undefined'' until you do this.

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