I have come across at least one application that simply doesn't provide
a means to specify which audio device it should use for playback of
sound. On my system i actually have 2 audio devices though (pcm0:
on-board CMedia chip, pcm1: an SB Live!)

Accordingly /dev/dsp0* belongs to CMedia and /dev/dsp1* belongs to the
SB Live!. On default these applications try to open /dev/dsp.

On -STABLE systems /dev/dsp is simply a symlink to the appropriate
/dev/dspX*  (X = your prefered device node: 0, 1 etc.)

on -CURRENT though /dev/dsp seems to be conjured up by the devfs system
and i have simply been unable to find a way to make it point my prefered
device node ... in my case /dev/dsp1.

Am i missing something obvious here ... or is it simply not possible on
-CURRENT to do something similair to -STABLE ?

  Pascal Hofstee

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