Luigi Rizzo wrote:
> Don't know how interesting this can be, but i am writing
> (no plans to commit it, unless people find it interesting)
> some code to implement a weight-based instead of priority-based
> scheduler. The code is basically the WF2Q+ scheme which is
> already part of dummynet, adapted to processes.
> It is quite compact, and i think i can make it reasonably
> compatible with the old scheme, i.e. a sysctl var can be
> used to switch between one and the other with reasonably
> little overhead.
> This would help removing the ugly property that priority-based
> have, which is that one process can starve the rest of the system.

Look for "QLINUX".  There's a nice paper on "Weighted Fair Share"
scheduling referenced on the page, as well as a couple of LRP

Note that someone recently did a port of the LRP + Resource Containers
code to FreeBSD 4.4 (Terrible Rice Univeristy License, though).

-- Terry

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