On 25-Dec-01 Eric Melville wrote:
>> However, perhaps sysinstall should tell the user that if they have a USB
>> mouse, they need do nothing, insetad of think 'Uhh, I don't recognise any of
>> these, lets try this one....'  and getting it wrong.
> Before this menu is presented, sysinstall asks if there is a usb mouse or
> not. I suppose it could be a bit more verbose about what it is doing and
> why, but if the questions are simply answered as they are presented the
> user will end up with what they need.

The question in 4.x is broken.  It was right in 4.1 or so, but some nameless
sheep-lover hosed the wording of the question.  I fixed it in -current and
should backport it.


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