I just did a "make buildworld; make installworld; mergemaster"

I am not at home at teh moment and the laptop is the only machine there
so the serial; cable wouldn't help much..
I will re-install it and try it again with your suggested hack

As for what's there I'm not kidding when I say "too fast for my neurons".
It flashes past so quickly I;m not completely sure at all what I'm seeing.
CDROM bootblocks worked fine :-)

On Mon, 31 Dec 2001, John Baldwin wrote:

> On 31-Dec-01 Julian Elischer wrote:
> > I upgraded by cvs on saturday night,
> > Sunday I didn't use it.
> > Monday I tried to boot it. but the loader says:
> > ASSERT <mumble>
> > and the system reboots
> Hmm, the string "ASSERT" doesn't appear as a text string anywhere under
> /sys/boot.  Hmm, libstand does have it, and the ficl library seems to use it.
> A serial console would save the message so you had time to read it. :)  If you
> want to introduce a sleep, then sys/boot/i386/loader/main.c has an exit()
> function you could put a while(1) or some such in.  Are you sure you don't have
> your loader and 4th scripts out of sync?
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