Volt Inc (OTC.BB: VOLT) has been receiving much attention
due to its recent acquisitions and increase in share price
in 2001. VOLT is about to close on another acquisition,
which will bring significant revenue and cash flow. The
acquisition is expected to close in early January.
Short-term target for VOLT is $10.00 sometime in January.
VOLT is a great investment for 2002.

Reasons to buy Volt Inc.

Volt Inc (OTC.BB: VOLT) is a company engaged in the
alternative energy industry, which has enormous growth 
and profit prospects for years to come. The company has
recently made several acquisitions and larger acquisitions
are due to close at anytime.

Volt has 1.9 million shares outstanding and assets in
excess of $5,700,000. Book Value is $3.00 per share. Most
stocks trade at least 2 to 4 times book value. Once the
investment community hears about VOLT we believe shares
will trade at 2 to 4 times book.

Volt Inc has recently applied for listing on the American
Stock Exchange (AMEX) and could be trading on the AMEX 
at early in 2002. Currently Volt’s application is pending.
Most stocks that move to the AMEX trade significantly
higher due to short covering by unscrupulous market makers.
In many cases shares jump 20% to 30% the first day of
trading on a listed exchange.

Volt Inc is closing on hydroelectric plants totaling 10.5
MW in Michigan which has long term power sales contracts 
to Consumers Electric Corp (NYSE: They will be purchased
for cash. The hydros have an 80-year operating history 
and the FERC license extends for another 30 years. Annual
revenue is in excess of $1 million.

In April, VOLT acquired the Altamont Wind Generation
Facility, which is an existing electricity generation
facility located on approximately 4000 acres in the
Altamonte Pass, east of San Francisco, CA. The facility 
has about 1300 wind turbines at present and will be
re-powered with new 950 KW state-of-the-art turbines. It 
is zoned and permitted for up to 114 megawatts, and the
infrastructure includes the wind turbines, 300 miles 
of transmission lines, a 150 MW substation and an
interconnection to the PG&E grid.  Financing for the
initial 60 MW re-power is $68 million, with 20% equity
supplied by the $14 million value of the existing plant. 
The cost to produce electricity is approximately 4.5 
cents per kwh, and is eligible for up to 3.5 cents of 
tax credits.  Sale price of the electricity will be in 
the range of 6.9 cents per kwh. Annual revenue should be
in the $5Million range without calculating green tickets
or tax credits and incentives. 

Photovoltaic’s acquisition: VOLT has acquired thin film
photovoltaic cell technology covered by two US Patents 
and patents in the United Kingdom and Canada, with patents
pending in Germany, Singapore and Japan. These strips can
be joined together with a patented crimp connection to make
any size array necessary to meet the user’s requirements. 
The patents also cover a transfer release sheet that when
peeled off allows the solar cell (strip) to adhere to any
plastic or glass surface used by the customer. A 1”x18”
strip produces approximately one-half watt or more. The
advantages of these strips are that they are easy to ship
to all parts of the world, there is no breakage and they
are very economical.  

The solar cells have multiple uses worldwide including
military, emergency, recreation and power generation. The
company expects to sell all it can manufacture with a sales
target of $100 million for the first 5 years projections. 

Disclaimer: We have been paid a sum of $1000.00 as 
payment for this mailing service. We hold no stocks 
and have no personal interest in this company.

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities 
Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements contained
herein that are not historical are forward looking
statements that are subjects to risks and uncertainties
that could cause actual results to differ materially 
from those expressed in the forward looking statements
including, but not limited to, certain delays beyond the
Company's control including, but not limited to, market
acceptance of new technologies or products, delays in
testing and evaluation of products and or acquisitions, 
and other risks detailed from time to time in the Company
filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

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