On 04-Jan-02 Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> After 25 days of  uptime I rebuilt the world, and can  no longer boot as
> usual. Both boot/loader and boot/loader.old (from Oct 30) flash the list
> of devices and immediately reset the computer.

Any chance you could setup a serial console and catch the output?
> My only way  to bring it up is  to press space at the  right moment, get
> the Boot: prompt and load/boot kernel directly bypassing the loader.
> This  works, but  there  is  no console  output  (it  goes from  spinner
> straight into  the login prompt). I  guess, the console output  is being
> sent down sio0, where there is  an external modem now. Turning the modem
> off does not change anything...

No, you have no console because you have no hints.  If you statically compile
your hints into your kernel, you will have a console again.


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