On 04-Jan-02 Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> On  3 Jan, John Baldwin wrote:
>> On 04-Jan-02 Mikhail Teterin wrote:
>>> After 25 days of  uptime I rebuilt the world, and  can no longer boot
>>> as usual.  Both boot/loader and  boot/loader.old (from Oct  30) flash
>>> the list of devices and immediately reset the computer.
>> Any chance you could setup a serial console and catch the output?
> This is my only computer...

Are your loader and 4th files in sync?  There was a change to the 4th scripts
that I thought I sent a heads up about.  Anyways, do this to get the error
message: go into /sys/boot/i386/loader, edit main.c, and change the exit()
function to do a while(1); loop before callign __exit().  Compile a new loader
and install it and then see what message you get.

>>> My only way to bring it up is to press space at the right moment, get
>>> the Boot: prompt and load/boot kernel directly bypassing the loader.
>>> This works,  but there  is no  console output  (it goes  from spinner
>>> straight into the login prompt). I guess, the console output is being
>>> sent down  sio0, where there  is an  external modem now.  Turning the
>>> modem off does not change anything...
>> No, you have  no console because you have no  hints. If you statically
>> compile your hints into your kernel, you will have a console again.
> Why  did  it change  all  of  a sudden?  Did  hints  get blown  away  by
> installworld at's the point? Why is the serial console default?

Err, hints are normally loaded by the loader from /boot/device.hints.  boot2
doesn't load hints when it loads a kenrel, it just loads the kernel and boots. 
You don't have a seiral console, you have _no_ kernel console. :)  Since you
are booting from boot2 and not the loader, your hints aren't getting loaded, so
you aren't getting a kernel console.


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