On Saturday, 5th January 2002, Søren Schmidt wrote:

>It seems Stephen McKay wrote:
>> Are these changes intended for 4.5?  I'm hoping the small change I
>> proposed would be accepted into 4.5, before anybody starts using
>> "burncd msinfo" in practice.  I think this is sensible, even if
>> a much improved burncd is scheduled for 4.6.
>You should ask permission from the release engineer to commit it
>to 4.5, but it really should be committed to -current first.

Of course!  But given how simple the change is, just a couple of days
in -current would be sufficient testing.  I am asking your approval
to commit to -current, then I'll ask the REs about -stable.

Does this mean you've decided that it is a beneficial change and won't
intefere with your other work?


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