What are the plans about replacing XFree86 3.3.6 with XFree86 4?  The 
-current archives have a message saying this replacement already took place 
last October, but the JP SNAP I installed last November certainly wasn't 
aware of that fact, and the current.freebsd.org snapshot from January 6 still 
lists 3.3.6 as well.  Two more months and it will be two years since 

Looking at xfree86.org's comparisons of supported video cards, it seems quite 
obvious that XFree86 4 supports almost everything 3 did, and a lot more.  I 
just got a computer with a nvidia GeForce2 GTS - not exactly a new card, but 
completely unsupported in 3.3.6 - but well supported in 4.1.0.  3.3.6 is over 
two years old, and none of the ATI or nvidia cards (and that's just about all 
desktops, no?) made since then are supported.  There's always the port, but 
integration would be a much more friendly solution.  I must be growing lazy  
:)  Out-of-the-box XFree86 4 and easy PPPoE setup led me to use RedHat (desk 
top only - the server's still FreeBSD, of course), but I'm missing FreeBSD.  

Apologies if this has already been discussed to death, but such discussions 
aren't in the -current or -stable archives  :)


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