On Mon, 7 Jan 2002, John Baldwin wrote:

> You must have cvsup'd at a bad time.  I removed SWI_NOSWITCH from cam and
> everywhere else in one big commit Friday or Saturday.

I have other problems with the cvsup upgrade from STABLE to CURRENT on my
machine. One of em is that my machine won't go past the fsck -p step and
consitently claims that my superblock is borked, tries fo fix it and then
resets my ATA controller after which it deadlocks. I have boot up into single
user and do a fsck -y and then type 'exit' to get my box up.

Will a fresh cvsup and building a new world/kernel solve these annoying
niggles? I don't have any fs corruption (well, at least I'm not noticing
any, my box works fine) and some apps suddenly segfault suddenly on me as
well (like mutt, which seems to have problems with the __ftello() call (I
sent a PR about that, oh, and mutt is the latest version from ports).

But otherwise all is fine. :-)


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