On 14-Jan-02 M. Warner Losh wrote:
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>             John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>: On 14-Jan-02 M. Warner Losh wrote:
>: > OK.  I did a make buildworld/installworld.  I did a mergemaster and
>: > made sure that /etc/pam.d was there.  I also rebuilt sudo 1.6.4 via
>: > the ports system (I changed the version number there from the old one
>: > to this).  However, now when I type sudo it says, after getting my
>: > password:
>: >       sudo: pam_setcred: Permission denied.
>: > It also whines on the console if I remove /etc/pam.conf.
>: > 
>: > Ideas?  This is from Saturday's current at about 4am MST.
>: Do you have a /etc/pam.d/other?
> YES.

Sheesh, ok. :)  I had a problem with sudo a while back due to pam not falling
back to other in pam.conf properly when the pam.d dir existed.  Have you tried
copying /etc/pam.d/other to /etc/pam.d/sudo?

> Warner


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