On 14-Jan-02 Michael McGoldrick wrote:
> The trace was short, so I wrote the whole thing down.

That one is fixed already, re-cvsup.  Also, you should probably be running with
INVARIANTS turned on in -current as that would give more useful error messages.

> _mtx_unlock_sleep(c232c834,0,0,0) at _mtx_unlock_sleep+0x9f
> unp_externalize(c0b6ab00,c0b6ac00,cb5d3ccc,cb5d3c8c,cb5d3ccc) at
> unp_externalize
> +0x38e
> soreceive(ca29d420,cb5d3c18,cb5d3c44,0,cb5d3c1c) at soreceive+0x376
> recvit(ca284304,b,cb5d3ccc,0,ca284200) at recvit+0x121
> recvmsg(ca284304,cb5d3d20,281221c8,bfbfd550,2328) at recvmsg+0xdb
> syscall(2f,2f,2f,2328,bfbfd550) at syscall+0x2d4
> syscall_with_err_pushed() at syscall_with_err_pushed+0x1b
> --- syscall(27, FreeBSD ELF, recvmsg), eip=0x280c0657, esp=0xbfbfd500,
> ebp=0xbfb
> fd5cc ---


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