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> I created a separate partition for /usr/src (around 420MB) and cvsup ran
> out of space.  Can someone give me a rough idea of how big it is?  Also,
> I should be able to use growfs (after booting off of a floppy) to increase
> the size of the partition (if the slice has space), right? How about moving
> partitions - is there an easier way than creating a partition at the end
> of the slice and copying partitions down?

Are you creating a 5.0-CURRENT or a 4-STABLE /usr/src?

$ du -s /usr/src
355799  /usr/src

$ du -s /usr/src
389637  /usr/src

FFS likes to have about 10% free space + add a few more (may
be 4%) for the inodes space.  So you need a partition of at
least 450MB.  You need to leave another 20% ~ 50% free for
future source fat (second law of computer thermodynamics).  A
partition of 1GB wouldn't hurt!

You need another 40MB or more for each kernel on whichever
partition you build them.  More if you turn debugging on.  Instead
of building kernels in /usr/src/sys/compile, you can do

cd /usr/src
make buildkernel KERNCONF=<foo>

to build them in /usr/obj/usr/src/sys/.

You don't need to boot from a floppy -- just unmount the
partition.  In case of the root partition you can growfs if
you boot in single user.  I believe initially the root
partition is mounted read-only so growfs change are safe.  I
would reboot immediately afterwards though.

For moving partitions I would use dump/restore to/from a
networked machine rather than copying them around.  For that
you may need to boot from a floppy.

Or you can just install released kernels and do something
worthwhile (like build some furniture) in the time you will
save :-)

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