In message <Pine.LNX.4.21.0201170805060.3093-100000@dosmonos>, Mike Brancato wr
>oh, well.  They say something along the lines of
>"Disk error: lba is 0x9 (should be 0x10)"
>or similar.  then it trys to boot the kernel twice using the loader, but
>fails with the path 0:fd(0,a)/kernel

Hmm, the error is actually "Disk error 0x9 (lba=0x10)". I think
this is my fault. Error 9 is "data boundary error (attempted DMA
across 64K boundary or >80h sectors)", so by changing the buffers
to being static in revision 1.35 of boot2.c, I broke the guarantee
that single transfers don't cross a 64k boundary, which is important
for floppies :-( I'll fix this shortly. Thanks for pointing out the


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