It turns that this problem is specific to AIO in
-CURRENT. I wrote a simple program that uses
the three different completion mechanisms (polling
with aio_error, polling with kevent, and using SIGIO)
to fill up a file by writing 8kb at a time to the 
file and then reading 8kb at a time from the file.

The lower the average latency, the more frequently 
it can send off a new request.

It can be found at:

Don't try using the aiotest_sigio (on FreeBSD), the 
siginfo_t doesn't get filled. Yet another PR that I 
have to file.

Here are the results (in ms):
10 32MB files 

4-way Sun server over NFS
Memory: 4096M real, 924M free, 768M swap in use, 7234M
swap free
> uname -a
SunOS orbit 5.8 Generic_108528-11 sun4u sparc

> ./aiotest_sigio 
write sk_msecs: 112350 max_latency: 560
reads sk_msecs: 119670 max_latency: 780
> ./aiotest_aio_error 
write sk_msecs: 45570 max_latency: 240
reads sk_msecs: 48280 max_latency: 630
> ./aiotest_sigio
write sk_msecs: 117260 max_latency: 410
reads sk_msecs: 124100 max_latency: 600
> ./aiotest_aio_error
write sk_msecs: 45050 max_latency: 780
reads sk_msecs: 46550 max_latency: 1530

10 32MB files

600Mhz Laptop local disk UDMA33

Mem: 68M Active, 134M Inact, 30M Wired, 15M Cache, 35M
Buf, 656K Free
kmacy@netherworld [15:20][~/src/bugs] uname -a
FreeBSD 4.5-RC FreeBSD
4.5-RC #1: Wed Jan 16 21:30:55 PST 2002    
kmacy@netherworld [15:08][~/src/bugs/aio]
write sk_msecs: 72890 max_latency: 930
reads sk_msecs: 56830 max_latency: 930
kmacy@netherworld [15:11][~/src/bugs/aio]
write sk_msecs: 71300 max_latency: 1380
reads sk_msecs: 54500 max_latency: 1380
kmacy@netherworld [15:14][~/src/bugs/aio]
write sk_msecs: 73970 max_latency: 990
reads sk_msecs: 56790 max_latency: 990
kmacy@netherworld [15:17][~/src/bugs/aio]
write sk_msecs: 73620 max_latency: 980
reads sk_msecs: 59620 max_latency: 1860

2-way 1.0GHZ
5.0-20020106-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.0-20020106-CURRENT #3:
Thu Jan 10 18:58:36 PS
T 2002    
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/HADES
Mem: 11M Active, 188M Inact, 111M Wired, 1760K Cache,
111M Buf, 691M Free

(~420x slower)

(~420x slower)
10 1MB files local disk (UDMA33)
> aiotest_aio_error 
write sk_msecs: 959540 max_latency: 29960
reads sk_msecs: 959970 max_latency: 29960

Same machine compiled UP:

> aiotest_aio_error 
write sk_msecs: 810010 max_latency: 29960
reads sk_msecs: 779950 max_latency: 29960
> uname -a
5.0-20020106-CURRENT FreeBSD 5.0-20020106-CURRENT #0:
Thu Jan 17 15:36:56 PS
T 2002    
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/HADES_UP

--- Terry Lambert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Julian Elischer wrote:
> > the threads package doesn't do file IO
> asynchronoulsy
> > in fact there ahve been several people
> threatenning to use AIO
> > to make the threads package to that asychronously
> too.
> Which is incredibly funny, if you think about it,
> since there
> are two ways to implement a call conversion threads
> package:
> 1)    Trade a sync call for an async call plus a
> context
>       switch
> 2)    Trade a blocking call for a non-blocking call
> plus
>       a context switch
> So... how do you do a non-blocking aio_wait again? 
> 8-) 8-).
> -- Terry

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