FYI: pam_setcred() call seems used in OpenSSH, ftpd, rshd, login, and su
already included in FreeBSD source code.


imp> OK.  This looks like a problem in 1.6.4p1 of sudo.  It isn't a problem
imp> with 1.6.3p7_2.  1.6.4 works on -stable, but not -current.

I've checked about new sudo's behavior on some OSes:

Debian (woody)          sudo-    OK (tested on 1 machine)
FreeBSD 2.2.8-RELEASE   sudo-    OK (tested on 1 machine)
FreeBSD 3.4-stable      sudo-    NG (tested on 1 machine)
FreeBSD 4-stable        sudo-    OK (tested on some machines)
FreeBSD 5-current       sudo-    OK / NG  (tested on some machines)

"OK / NG" means that "some machines work fine, but some machines goes


I don't know what's the real problem, but it seems that sudo doesn't
have the problem IMHO.  Anyone has a solution about this problem?

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Makoto `MAR' Matsushita

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