On 21 Jan, Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom wrote:

> anyone running a recent -current
> successfuly with the i4b ISDN drivers?


> I built -current around christmas,
> and had to applay a patch posted here
> in October to make a kernel with i4b
> drivers.

I think it was my patch. Something with "mtx_initialized()"?.
If yes, it's in the tree now.

> However I don't manage to establish
> a kernel ppp connection to my provider
> since then.

You have to use rev. 1.60 of /sys/netinet/in.c ("cd
/sys/netinet; cvs update -r 1.60 in.c" if you use cvs instead of CVSup).
The author of rev 1.61 (brian, CCed) knows already about it, but I don't
know what he wants to do and when he has time to do it.

If you can't get rev 1.60 (either via cvs or from the web interface at
freebsd.org or any other source) you have to use the userland ppp.


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