Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote:
> Does anybody mind if I change the pam_opie(8) prompt from "Password:"
> to "Response:"?  I think users might be slightly confused when they
> enter an incorrect or empty response twice and get a new "Password:"
> prompt and don't realize it's the pam_unix(8) prompt.

See my patch to the login code to use a string from the
/etc/login.conf file for the "Password: " prompt for getty
and login.

Making yet another string, that was not under the control
of the configuration files would damage the ability to
rebadge the system.

I think unconfusing the user is an administrative problem,
and since the confusion would arise as the result of an
administrative decision, this only reaffirms my opinion
that it should live in the local "policies and how to use
this system" documents.

Remember that the intent of systems design is to *avoid*
dictating policy.

-- Terry

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