"Jacques A. Vidrine" wrote:
> > In the way that the author of the PAM architecture from Sun
> > spoke at the Silicon Valley BSD User's Group meeting,
> Do you have a reference, or do we have to guess what you are talking
> about? :-)

I have my memory of the talk he gave, which included the idea
that Sun was not supporting work to modify the PAM architecture
to support Kerberos in the future.

Basically, you can use it for authentication and password change,
but for little else, and even those uses require going through
incredible hoops (e.g. abusing the authentication module API to
implement a credential cache).

Did you need more?

Are you really just fishing for Paul Fronberg's email address?

Maybe this release note from HP will explain the limitations


NB: This is just for authentication, mostly preauthentication.

-- Terry

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