I've got a machine with 4G of RAM, and I'm trying to test all the RAM out
to make sure it's okay.

I've tried doing buildworlds, but never end up using more than 1G of RAM on
cache, etc.

I've got -current and -stable on it, and I've tried making an MFS
filesystem under -stable.  I can't seem to get more than a 512M MFS
filesystem allocated under -stable.  (I've got two 2G swap partitions.)

I tried using md to make a swap-backed filesystem under -current, but the
problem is that it actually seems to back it with swap.  (pstat -s shows
disk space used, unlike MFS under -stable)

Is there a way, under -current or -stable, to make a true RAMdisk that is
around 2GB in size?

Kenneth Merry

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