Leif Neland wrote:
> While I realize you can't emulate the switches on any command on any os, I
> found a few "linuxism's" missing.
> Eg: I find it illogical, that "route" can change, and also display the
> route to a single host, but route can not display the entire route table.
> In linux it is simply "route", in windows it is "route print", but in
> FreeBSD it is "netstat -r"

I love the fact that Linux shell scripts aren't portable to
UNIX machines because their /bin/sh based scripts end up with
bash-isms and Linux-isms out the wazoo.

Apparently they never read the 1978 bell labs technical journal
article on how you build commands out of lesser commands, rather
than jamming all the functionality into every command.

On the other hand, I've often found it annoying that the 'ls'
command doesn't display 'ps' information, like it does on Linux...

-- Terry

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