I have a question about FreeBSD's locale. I use the zh_CN.EUC locale to 
let my FreeBSD support Simplied Chinese. It's all right in gnome 1.4. But in 
recent version of KDE(aka. KDE-2.2.2), I can't set zh_CN.EUC locale for it. 
For I have select the country is Asia-China, language is  Simplied Chinese, 
code is gb2312.1980. I need not set any locale in my environment to display 
Simplied Chinese at all. But for I have not set locale, I can't use chinput 
in KDE. So I set my locale to zh_CN.EUC in my $HOME/.xinitrc. But when I 
restart my KDE, it can't display Chinese word proper! in kedit, kwrite, etc, 
I can use chinput through I can't input any Chinese word proper. If I set my 
locale to zh_CN.GB2312, zh_CN.GBK or nothing, the KDE can display Chinese 
word proper, but I can't use chinput.
    So, how to set ocale to let chinput work under KDE2.2.2?
    A very inportant QUESTION is: why FreeBSD want zh_CN.EUC while KDE is 
    My machine is AMD-K7 700, FreeBSD-current,all software are installed 
from ports(sources).

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