Supermicro P3TDDE (I think; may be a TDDA, but it does have the promise

This board is Via-based and not Intel.  Could easily be my problem :-(
Don't know about the APIC.

Stable runs just fine on the same motherboard (dual-boot, stable on
ad0 and current on ad1) including reboot (see below about current's reboot).

Not running setiathome at all may or may not have helped; it still died
in the middle of a "make -j5 world" (j5 is the best make time on this
system) (but did make it through one such make world; died on the second).
When it runs, make -j5 world takes about 31.5 minutes for stable and
somewhat longer (around 40 minutes) for current without invariants/witness;
with invariants and witness make -j4 world is the fastest at just over 2 hours.

The hang happens the same with or without invariants and/or witness.

Still allowing ACPI; haven't yet tried disabling it.
I need to figure out how to get NMI; there are no ISA slots so that isn't
a useful way (like an *old* debugger card which I think I still have one of).

Another hint (may be more useful) is that either reboot or halt ends up:
Waiting .... for vnlru

Sometimes the second line is just "W" and sometimes "Wa", never longer.
This appears independent of which cpu says "boot() called on cpu 0 (or 1)"

This (like the other hang) is a hard hang, needs reset button to get out.

-- Pete

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