On 23 Jan, Terry Lambert wrote:

>> [gcc 3.0.x bug]
>> > Actually, that was against 3.0 at -O2.
>> >
>> > If that's been fixed, I guess we can cut over, as soom as the
>> > non-x86 code generation for our other supported platforms
>> > works again (tried compiling your RedHat for Alpha lately?).
>> gcc 3.0.3 has problems with "-O3 -funroll-loops", "-O -funroll-loops" or
>> "-O3" without "-funroll-loops" seems to work. Someone told me the CVS
>> version of gcc has a fix for this.
> Someone told me that the only place you can get CVS versions
> of GCC are by installing RedHat Linux.  8-) 8-) 8-).


> Why don't we wait until there is a GCC release that actually
> works?

It wasn't my intention to suggest to use a CVS version of GCC.


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