On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Doug Swarin wrote:

> I have actually seen this panic very recently on -STABLE. Matt Dillon
> suspected an issue with the RAID controller I was using (aac) after some
> debugging work. 
> I am still waiting on the results of diagnostic testing on the RAID
> controller, but I just wanted to offer an additional data point. 
> I have attached dmesg and some of the results of our debugging session
> below. The panic occurred during heavy file create/delete activity. I
> referred to PR kern/13150, which may or may not be related. 
> We determined that *ep in ufs_lookup contained garbage (from a file
> name). ep->d_name contained file data. 

Alternatively, if it's only recent -STABLE, maybe it's something to do
with the recent enabling of UFS_DIRHASH in -STABLE by default?  If so,
this might require immediate action before 4.5-RELEASE goes out the door
(very, very soon).  Has anyone managed to track it down anymore?

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