On Sat, Jan 26, 2002 at 04:04:08PM +0100, Aleksander Rozman - Andy wrote:
> I didn't know where I should report this problem, but it seems that there 
> is error in
> netin_var.h. In line 146 and 334 (field if_data has incomplete type), I 
> think there just one * missing before name of this fields...

>From your description it is very hard to tell what you mean. There
is no file called netin_var.h, so I thought you probably meant
netinet/in_var.h, but in -current that only has 243 lines. Maybe
you could post a "diff -u" showing what you think should be changed?

> P.S. : Where should I report such errors in future??

If you're not sure about a bug then -questions, -current or -stable
is probably a good place to ask. If you're sure you've found a bug
then use the send-pr command to submit a bug to the database.


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