I'm getting these kind of panics with yesterday's kernel every time I 
try to use rpm.

[[EMAIL PROTECTED]]:~ > rpm -Uhv --root=/compat/linux
recursed on non-recursive lock (sleep mutex) filedesc structure @
first acquired @ ../../../kern/vfs_syscalls.c:998
panic: recurse
Stopped at      Debugger+0x44:  pushl   %ebx
Debugger(c03f7828,c4219334,df5,c03fc830,0) at panic+0x70
witness_lock(c4219334,8,c03fc830,df5,0) at witness_lock+0x1a6
_mtx_lock_flags(c4219334,0,c03fc830,df5) at _mtx_lock_flags+0x72
getvnode(c4219300,0,deb2dc74) at getvnode+0x31
chroot_refuse_vdir_fds(c4219300,c4219334,0,c03fc830,41e) at
chroot(dea33104,deb2dd20,8131be0,bfbff7c8,8122,ec6) at chroot+0x78
syscall(2f,2f,2f,8122ec6,bfbff7c8) at syscall+0x250
syscall_with_err_pushed() at syscall_with_err_pushed+0x1b
--- syscall (61, FreeBSD ELF, chroot), eip = 0x80a4677, esp =
0xbfbff75c, ebp
= 0xbfbff9b8 ---

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