++ 01/02/02 09:04 -0600 - David W. Chapman Jr.:
| I'm seeing this on a -current as of yesterday and as of today.  I 
| just finished a make world and kernel a few mins ago as well as 
| rebuilding all my ports, but kde still dies when I try to load it, 
| last night before I tried to rebuild all the ports I was getting 
| signal 11's.  Any ideas anyone?

This is because KDE is compiled with objprelink (ports/devel/objprelink)
which depends on a certain version of binutils, I guess.  Once I get my
laptop updated I'll see what I can figure out.. I'm guessing it's a
small patch to objprelink.  In the mean time, I'll see if I can add a
WITHOUT_OBJPRELINK hook to the KDE ports.

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