I have a new current system that is having the strangest problem.  
using vi or its clones often abruptly powers the system down, no panics, 
no syslog messages.  the computer is an ABIT BP6 w/ 2 500 mhz cellerons
(NOT OVERCLOCKED), two harddrives, a cdrom drive and 256M ram.

The bizzare bits..  it does it both on a smp and up kernel, it also 
does it regardless of weather its on the console or in X, and regardless 
of if vi is execed on itself or ssh'd into another machine (had it happen 
when ssh'd into both a linux box and a 4-stable machines).  I don't think 
its a video card issues as its doing it with different video cards, and the 
machine happily works in all other aspects.  it can buildworld and kernel 
happily while compiling several ports, so i doubt its an obvious hardware 
problem (eg. bad memory).

I have other current systems, that are not exibiting this behaviour, so i
don't think its a problem with current in general, but i'm clue-less as to
what could be the cause of this.  any one have any ideas?

Jacob "I'm Brainy For Zombie Pops" Frelinger 
Jolly at TheCoffinClub dot Com 

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