Non x86 FreeBSD developers:

I have posted to
a set of 'semi-cosmetic' "mechanical" diffs.

The effect of the diffs is to remove all the places in the code
which assume that the thread structure is embedded in the process
structure, without doing any major algorythmic changes.

If you can test non x86 systems, it would be nice if you could 
try the patches out. I'll take reports of success/failure and hold off
committing until we have success on all architectures.
(does make buildworld just fine for x86)

BTW the horrid Macro name "FIRST_THREAD_IN_PROC(p)" is deliberatly horrid.
Use of this macro indicates a place that will need some rewriting
before multi threading can be fully utilised. In some cases
(e.g. linux emulation) this may be permanent as linux
only has 1 thread per process) in which case it may eventually be changed
in these places to P_THRD(p) or something nicer on the eyes, but
until then they are designed to "stand out and hurt".



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