On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 01:05:16PM -0500, Mikhail Teterin wrote:
> > Uh, NO! It is not needed by the  base system. We really do not want to
> > turn on  all the support libs,  etc.. that would be  needed with this.
> > There is a reason the gcc30 port takes 25 minutes to compile on a fast
> > 1.2 GHz Athlon.
> That's  the thing.  gcc30  port,  essentially, installs  a  copy of  the
> compiler already available as part of  the base.

No it doesn't.  3.0.3 is a very different compiler from 2.95.3.

> But the base is missing
> gcj (the port does too for now), so one would be forced to add the port.

And the base system does not NEED a java compiler.

> Can we have  those installed, at least,  to ease the work  of the future
> porter?


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