Julian Elischer writes:
 > for the set of patches at:
 > http://www.freebsd.org/~julian/adiff
 > these patches SHOULD NOT EFFECT your system except to do some
 > slight re-aranging of stuff in the kernel.

Today's alpha kernel, plus those changes results in a ksp not valid
halt with the PC near the beginning of mi_startup:

/boot//kernel.bad/kernel data=0x4150c0+0x39360
Entering /boot//kernel.bad/kernel at 0xfffffc000033b680...
sio1: gdb debugging port

halted CPU 0

halt code = 2
kernel stack not valid halt
PC = fffffc000047e80c

Since thread0 is no longer a pointer, this looks suspicious in locore.s:

         * Switch to proc0's PCB.
        ldq     t0,thread0              /* get phys addr of pcb */
        ldq     a0,TD_MD_PCBPADDR(t0)


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