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: From: Takanori Watanabe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
: Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 23:16:21 +0900
: > >I recently installed -current to ThinkPad X22. Though it seems that
: > >X22's PC-Card slots work fine with -stable, in -current when probing
: > >PCICs I got following message,
:       :
: > How about disabling ACPI? If this works, it is because ACPI PCI interrupt 
: > routing problem.
: No, disabling ACPI does not change the situation.

Hmmm.  This looks ugly. :-(  I can't boot with acpi enabled on my Dell
Inspiron 8000.  I can boot with apm enabled.  There are issues with
routing interrupts accross PCI PCI bridges at the moment when the
slots on the other side of the bridge are in the PIR table.


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