Is it just me, or...
I've changed my /etc/make.conf from the default, to be
MODULES_WITH_WORLD=true # do not build modules when building kernel
since I find myself often building new kernels (plus identical
modules) without updating the rest of the source, taking extra time.

I just finished the buildworld/kernel/install jig, and I've got a
fistful of modules built in /usr/obj/5.0-CURRENT/usr/src/sys/modules
but after both installkernel and installworld, I've got an empty
/boot/modules, and the only inhabitant of /boot/kernel/ is kernel.

/boot/kernel.old/ is where I can find old modules, from when I built
things the default way (build a new kernel, modules too)

Either the modules aren't getting installed, or some other thing I've
changed in /etc/make.conf (like the /usr/obj/5.0-CURRENT prefix) has
hosed the modules install process.

Is someone else using `MODULES_WITH_WORLD=true' successfully?  If so,
I'll boot back into -current and see if I can check it out...

barry bouwsma

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