This is a note for someone upgrading from 4.4 stable to current 5.0
comes right out of my experience in doing so the file 
/usr/src/UPGRADE doesnt detail the following step 
I didnt see ne 1 post this before may be it will help
some newbie like myself and perhaps somebody will add
it to the UPGRADE file 

after rebuilding the world and the kernel for 5.0
(after cvsuping the src to current , ofcourse)
on a system previously running on 4.4 stable installed
right out of the FreeBSD purchased CD's 

it is necessary to reinstall the loader to get it to
run the new kernel.
to do it 
I just cd(ed) to /usr/src/sys/boot/i386
make all ; make install;

if this step is not done the new kernel will never
boot -- I spent like 4\5 hours figuring it out 
couldnt find any documentation about it anywhere
the location of the old kernel is
/kernel and the modules is /modules
however the new kernel and modules resides in 

On a personal note I like the new location better

have fun
Saurabh Gupta

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