On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Kevin Day wrote:
> I'm the maintainer for ports/editors/joe, and just tried compiling it under
> <signal.h> includes <sys/signal.h> which includes ucontext.h
> > cc -O -pipe  -c umath.c
> > In file included from b.h:6,
> >                  from bw.h:23,
> >                  from umath.c:5:
> > rc.h:41: conflicting types for `getcontext'
> > /usr/include/sys/ucontext.h:54: previous declaration of `getcontext'
> > *** Error code 1
> > 
> > Stop in /usr/ports/editors/joe/work/joe.
> I can rename getcontext in joe, but "getcontext" seems like a pretty common
> function name, I know I've used it in projects before. Not including
> signal.h isn't really an option either.
> I'm not familiar with any of the ucontext.h functions, are they complying
> with some kind of standard and can't be renamed or have a prefix added to
> it?

Yea, getcontext is part of SUSv2 and the 2001 POSIX spec.  It has been
present in at least Solaris for years now, so it's kind of weird that
joe hasn't had the problem when built for it [Solaris].

Hmm, <sys/signal.h> includes <sys/ucontext.h>.  I'm not sure why though.
bde might know.

Dan Eischen

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