On 10-Feb-2002 (20:42:26/GMT) Vladimir B. " Grebenschikov wrote:

>>>> I can get -current to mount the stick in the camera but it
>>>> won't umount the filesystem on detach.

> ums0: detached
> uhub1: detached

I have the same problem here: I added this to /etc/usbd.conf:
device "Scanner Epson, modello Perfection1240 (photo)"
    # Perfection1240(0x010b), EPSON(0x04b8), rev 0x0114
    product 0x010b
    vendor  0x04b8
    release 0x0114
    devname "uscanner[0-9]+"
    attach  "/bin/chmod 666 /dev/${DEVNAME} && echo L16cce > /dev/speaker"
##  attach  "/bin/chmod 666 /dev/uscanner0 && echo L16cce > /dev/speaker"
    detach  "echo L16eec > /dev/speaker"

And this happens to /var/log/messages, but I got tune played only
on device attach, not on detach (attach/detach means cycle power
to scanner, without touching usb cable).

-----8<-----[ /var/log/messages ]-----8<-----
...kernel: uscanner0: EPSON Perfection1240, rev 1.00/1.14, addr 2
...kernel: uscanner0: at uhub0 port 1 (addr 2) disconnected

and after usage, when power off:
...kernel: uscanner0: detached

If I understand manuals and examples attach/detach can run _any_
action I want.  Or not?


PS: chmod is needed to use xscanimage from my user.

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