On Sun, 10 Feb 2002, Mikhail Teterin wrote:

> On 10 Feb, Bruce Evans wrote:
> > This  is a  well known  bug  in the  device  layer. I  reported it  on
> > 2001/12/26 and  fixed it  locally a  little later.  See the  thread in
> > -current about "panic during fdisk'ing a md(4) device" for patches.
> Fdisk I don't really need, but attempting to newfs the floppy caused the
> same  panic :-\  And  mounting  the already  formatted  floppy leads  to
> "invalid argument". Could we have this fixed soon, please? The inability
> to access  a floppy  is a  great setback for  my local  FreeBSD advocacy
> efforts :-)

Newfs'ing /dev/fd0 (instead of /dev/fd0[a-c]) should work better.  Not
using devfs might work too.


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