On 11-Feb-02 Julian Elischer wrote:
> here is the BDE version ready to commit.
> Extended to other architectures.
> Bruce, John, comments?
> As I was adding a prototype to ucred.h I stripped the __Ps of the others in
> that
> section
> (in the spirit of "change it when editing it anyhow"

Hmm, acquire_ucred (don't really like that name, maybe thread_updatecred(td)
which can use td_proc to get the proc) probably should be declared in
sys/proc.h.  Well, maybe not, sys/ucred.h is probably fine.  But it's
implementation should then be in kern_prot.c along with all the other ucred
related functions. :)
Also, please make the comment above the function into a complete sentence and
capitalize appropriately, etc. as per style(9) just to be pedantic.  I guess
removing __P() as you go is ok if that spirit is what the -arch thread is
desired.  Personally I thought it should be the other way around just like we
don't mix whitespace commits with code commits to avoid obfuscating function
changes with style changes.  IMO, just commit to ucred.h blowing away __P()
first, then commit your functional changes with the rest.


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