On  6 Feb, David O'Brien wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 01:05:16PM -0500, Mikhail Teterin wrote:
>> > Uh, NO! It is not needed by  the base system. We really do not want
>> > to turn  on all the support  libs, etc.. that would  be needed with
>> > this. There is a reason the  gcc30 port takes 25 minutes to compile
>> > on a fast 1.2 GHz Athlon.
>> That's the  thing. gcc30  port, essentially, installs  a copy  of the
>> compiler already available as part of the base.
> No it doesn't.  3.0.3 is a very different compiler from 2.95.3.

I thought we are moving to gcc-3.x quickly :-) But the other ports, such
as lang/gcc295 don't complement the base system either -- they install a
full new set  under LOCALBASE, instead of just the  missing pieces (like
>> But the base is missing gcj (the port does too for now), so one would
>> be forced to add the port.
> And the base system does not NEED a java compiler.

Alright. But a FreeBSD installation -- might.
>> Can we have those [libbfd and libiberty] installed, at least, to ease
>> the work of the future porter?
> Nope.

That's too brief for a mutually respectful conversation :-\ I know it is
your "style", but do not accept this answer anyway.

All I'm  talking about, is that  having a functional gcj  _available_ on
FreeBSD is a good thing. Through the  ports collection or as part of the
base system. The fact, that nothing  in the base requires Java is hardly
an argument in  itself. Nothing requires Fortran, or  the dictionary, or
the cal(1) either.

But  alright,  let's   say  --  ports.  gcj  and   gcjh  themselves  are
installed by  the several lang/gcc*  ports, but they are  not functional
(libgcj/libjava are not ported). As a ports committer I might try to fix
that, but  I think, those ports  should complement the base  system, and
that the  base system  should provide  the bits  it already  uses itself
(like  libbfd and  libiberty) to  the programmers,  that use  FreeBSD --
install them into /usr/lib and link them _dynamicly_ into the tools.


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