Hi people,

I installed -CURRENT on my laptop:

FreeBSD saioa.energyhq.tk 5.0-CURRENT-20020204-JPSNAP FreeBSD
5.0-CURRENT-20020204-JPSNAP #0: Fri Feb  8 13:09:05 CET 2002
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/src/sys/i386/compile/SAIOA  i386

And compiled a kernel modifying the NEWCARD template.  Everything works
fine , except from time to time the network stops working. If I do a
ifconfig rl0 down and then ifconfig rl0 up it starts working again. Any
idea why is this happening? If I use the 16bit pcmcia nic this doesn't
happen, and it also didn't happen when this computer was running NetBSD


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