On Thu, Feb 14, 2002 at 07:22:59PM -0500, Alexander N. Kabaev wrote:
> > This suggests a problem with the runtime-linker (rtld), not binutils.
> Actually, the bug is somewhere in the new binutils code, and I am very
> close to finding where it is exactly. The new liker fails to set 
> DT_TEXTREL property in the shared library header even though its relocation
> table contains several entries which refer to the code segment. As a result,
> ld-elf.so.1 fails to enable writes on the text segment when relocating the
> binary and crashes with SIGBUS while processing the very first relocation
> record.
> I still need some time in debugger to find a proper way to fix this.

Interesting. Is the DF_TEXTREL flag set in DT_FLAGS instead? Is the
library linked w/ -enable-new-dtags? Are the new dtags enabled by
default in the new binutils? Someting in elf32.em?

Currently I'm experimenting with some code that enhances the FreeBSD
runtime linker to handle some newer ELF features, such as DT_RUNPATH,
DT_FLAGS and ${ORIGIN} substitution sequences


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