I noticed a thread on Current several weeks ago about a problem someone
was having with the ATA driver(s) in CURRENT and SCSI disk drivers. I have
had the same problem recently on FreeBSD / Current with a Dell 410
Precision Workstation that uses an Adaptec AIC-7890 Ultra2/Wide. I
re-'cvsup'd' and rebuild everything twice (using and old backup kernel from
Current of a month or so ago) and go the same kind of 'panic' as described
earlier. I read the thread on the problem, and finally commented out the
'ATA' Drivers in the Kernel config file and rebooted and had no problems at
all. There *does* appear to be a problem with the ATA driver(s) in -Current
and SCSI device interaction that has developed in the last week or so it

Glenn Gombert

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