Bruce Evans wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Feb 2002, Terry Lambert wrote:
> > PHK was threatening to murder /dev/speaker to work
> > around some clock issues that would be hard to nail
> > down the right way.
> I think you mean /dev/pcaudio.

Yes; I confused the two, since I rarely do audio stuff
at all (I think implementing the ALSA kernel and lib
stuff for FreeBSD would not be a bad project for a
junior person).

So the problem can't be related to the timer changes
that Poul was contemplating; therefore it *must* be
related to the USB stuff.  Maybe it's stomping on an
interrupt or I/O address or something.  8-(.

> I use /dev/pcaudio to expose the
> brokenness of clock code that is not nailed down in the right way.

Humor.  Ar ar ar.

To the original poster:

So to fix the original problem, you should disable
everything you can (and still boot) except the audio
stuff, and then add things back in until it fails;
this will identify the problem area, and we can go
from there.

Uh, it occurs to me that you might be loading your
driver as a kernel module; if so, you remembered to
recompile it when you recompiled your kernel, right?

-- Terry

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