Hi all,

While looking at nis-utils-1.4.1 from linux, I found that that
whole package is based on Bill's work. Intersting that everything there
is GNU labled. What happened to the BSD copyright ? Or has it been GPL'd
from the beginning ?


The author even forgot to remove one part of a manpage:

nis-utils-1.4.1$ more man/nis_db.3

.Em The TI-RPCSRC 2.3
source code distribution.
This implementation of the
.Nm nis_db
library was written for and is scheduled to appear in a future
release of FreeBSD 2.x as part of a complete, freely available
NIS+ client and server package. This library was written entirely
from scratch: no Sun code other than the publically available NIS+ header files
was referenced.

Strange thing.

Bill, did you ever allowed them to make it GPL only ? Looking at the code
it should be possible to import some things and make a NIS+ client
available. But only if it's not GPL'd.


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