> >:I would like to see "the PIIX problem" caught on camera, personally.  
> >:We're aware of one errata for it already, and we work around it.  If 
> >:there's another problem, or ideally if someone has some relatively quick 
> >:code to test it, that would be much better.
> >
> >    Holy shit.  We are screwed.  It's a free-running counter with NO
> >    synchronization whatsoever.  None.  Zip.  Zero.
> Yes, there is an errata for just that on early chipsets.
> Does the ..._slow patch I sent work for you ?

Matt's problem (look-ahead carry) will break the three-read algorithm 
because it can generate a sequence of three reads that appear to be in 
succession, but which are all wrong.

We need three different algorithms; "works", "ripple" and "look-ahead".  
Of those, "works" should be based exclusively off a list of known-good 
chipsets, "look-ahead" seems to be easily enough detected (but we should 
probably have a blacklist anyway) and "ripple" is hard to detect and 
should be the default case.

I really, really hate hardware.

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