>Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 17:43:55 -0800
>From: "George V. Neville-Neil" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>Is there a single document, or small set of documents, that describes getting
>started kernel hacking on FreeBSD?  How about a set of URLs?

>I would like something that tells me about (in no particular order)

>1) debugging over the serial line, and remote debugging in general

You might start with
(Sorry about the line-wrapping.)

>2) Building for 5.0 on 4.x (if possible though I suspect I should not do this)

Sure:  set up a 4.x system, clear /usr/src, populate /usr/src with
the HEAD of the tree ("cvs co"), then follow the instructions in

>3) Best practices for dealing with my own versions of files while also
>working with cvsup.

What I do is use CVSup to mirror the CVS repository (vs. a "working
directory"), then use "cvs update" (well, after an initial "cvs co") to
update the sources.  I do this within "script", so I get a record of
what was done, and I can grep the "typescript" file for various
weirdnesses, such as conflicts to be resolved.

(I also do the "make buildworld" & friends under script, so if something
weird happens during the build, I don't need to record it:  that's been
done.  Well, if it's a panic, that may not capture everything -- but a
serial console can be helpful in that case.)

(I've been tracking both -STABLE and -CURRENT daily, on each of a "build
machine" and my laptop, for several months.  I've also been testing
patches for folks, so being able to revert patches or generate new ones
is a definite advantage of having the CVS repository handy.)

>Those are a good start for now.

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